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Your risk needs met by BCPL
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Business Continuance Planning Ltd (BCPL) ...

... helps strengthen organisational preparedness for disruption-related risks using best-practice business continuity planning methods and documentation.

Business continuity denotes an organisation that is functioning at all levels through and beyond a disruptive event (disaster/crisis/ incident/ emergency) sufficient to safeguard achievement of its critical objectives (short and longer term).

BCPL helps prepare you for major business crises and disruptions.

BCPL's business continuity services help protect your:


Normal operations including supply chain


Cashflow, liquidity & profits


Reputation & brand


Customer base & market share


Compliance with statutes, rules, and guidelines


Interests of key stakeholders

How prepared are you?
Would your organisation survive an untoward event … ?



– you and your community are seriously disrupted



– you lose your premises



– half your staff are absent, for weeks


Cable fault

– you have no power, no phones, no broadband, no email


Careless neighbour

– you have flooding from upstairs, contaminated, or
    destructed surrounds


IT outage

– this screen goes black


Market competition

– you are unprepared for aggressiveness competitors


Industrial action

– your work force is disrupted or distracted


Contractual breach

– you lose key customers or suppliers

And not all crises are so obvious. Less obvious crises can be just as damaging: your IP is stolen, you lose a uniquely critical staff member, a vital machine fails, the police cordon off your street, a gas leak forces you to evacuate, etc.

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